Business and Marketing Photography for Entrepreneurs

My Qualifications and Experience to help you trust that you've come to the right place:

Jenn, Owner JennKL Photography

Jenn, Owner JennKL Photography

  • What I can do FOR YOU I specialize in helping Entrepreneurs clearly communicate their full business story through stunning photographs.

  • My GOALS for YOUR PHOTO SHOOT Enhance your marketing efforts by providing you with a portfolio of beautiful images that you will be proud and excited to use across all platforms - your website, social media, blog posts, and press releases. Your new portfolio of images will help your brand, company, services, and products stand out online and in print.

  • My GIFTS                                                                                                                          One of my gifts is making people who "don't like to have their photo taken" or "have never liked a photo of themselves" fall in love with the photo shoot process and LOVE their portraits for the first time.

When my clients (now friends) see their images after our photo shoot together they are excited, enthusiastic, and eager to market their companies. 

Dream big for the year ahead                                    and let's create images to support your business goals.

  • My Speciality...MARKETING PORTFOLIOS                                                                                                                                     A Marketing Portfolio is a custom portfolio we create together to tell the full story of your business through stunning photographs.  This will include a photo shoot with multiple looks and locations. You will end up with a variety of images to market the individual goals, programs, and products you’ve created for your business. We’ll get portraits of you along with images of you in action doing what you love. Envision a magazine spread that tells your story. Add in details for the full picture: your products and your art. The goal is to fill your marketing efforts with beautiful imagery that connects and makes an instant positive impact. From now on your website, social media, blog posts, press releases, and products will stand out online and in print. 

  • BENEFITS                                                                                                                                                                          Connect with your audience and potential clients through personalized, custom images of you and your company. Magazine quality, ready to publish high resolution files delivered right to your inbox.

  • GUARANTEE                                                                                                                                                                              My experience guarantees that you will have a fun, easy, comfortable and successful photo shoot. I’ve had the pleasure of working with world-renowned, award-winning composers, authors, event planners, business coaches, health coaches, chefs, teachers, bloggers, actors, judges, real estate professionals, doctors and celebrities. My work has been featured on television, in various print publications and on many websites. To name a few…Variety Magazine, HGTV, C Magazine, ABC, Target, Billboard Magazine, Condé Nast, LA Weekly, Food & Wine, CBS, Examiner, BMI, The OC Register Metro, Food Republic, LA Confidential Magazine