"Will I ever have portraits and photos that I'm proud to use?"                                                                                                    

Yes, as soon as we finish your photo shoot and I deliver your images to you! 

"Will I always be stuck using the same headshot over and over for all my marketing?"                                         

Not anymore! I'm excited to change this for you. Your Marketing Portfolio includes a variety of photographs that paint a full picture of your business. Headshots? Check. Lifestyle photos? Check. Action shots of you doing what you love? Check.  Your business location or studio? Check. Your products, your art, custom stock photos? Check. Check. Check.   

"What can I expect?"  

  • Customized experience for you and your company
  • Planning consultation for location and what will be covered during your photo shoot
  • Business goals brainstorming so you are set for your marketing needs
  • You will feel comfortable and knowledgable about the entire photo shoot process
  • By the end of your photo shoot you will look forward to the next one         
  • Make up and Hair Stylist Referrals                                                                           

"What's included in a Marketing Portfolio?"                                                                                                                                 Here are some ideas. Remember, together we will design a custom photo shoot to cover everything you need. 

  • Portraits
  • Lifestyle Photos
  • Action Shots (in your office, at a speaking engagement, instructing a group, working on a project, etc)
  • Photos of your location/studio/creative space
  • Your Team  
  • Your Products
  • Your Art
  • Custom Stock Photos
  • Images delivered via online cloud service link
  • All images retouched, edited and ready to use


Imagine how incredible your website, social media, press releases and blog posts will look with so many unique photos to choose from.