Welcome to my resources page. Anything listed here are products or books I have personally found helpful in my business and life. Just click images for direct link to Amazon to purchase.

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This continuous lighting set up it wonderful. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and the best part is that the output is “daylight” light. BONUS on this one is you get three lights, so you have the option of using 1, 2, or 3 light set up. Plus it comes with it’s own soft case. I’m a natural light photographer and always prefer natural light to artificial, so these lights are perfect for creating that “natural light” look with video. Click button or image to view.



This tripod is a wonderful, simple solution for filming with your phone or GoPro. It fit. I like that it has it’s own carrying case for storing. This is the exact tripod I use for filming my videos with my phone. It’s best for lightweight cameras like your phone. I would not put a DSLR on this tripod, you would need something more heavy duty for that. Click button or image to view.

The following two items are what you can use to attach the RODE Microphone and your phone to the top of the tripod as featured in my Video Content Creation Course. Click button or image to view.

V-Shape Cold Shoe Mount

2 PCS Aluminum Tripod Mini Ball Head Mount with 1/4" Thread. Click button or image to view.



Fantastic little microphone for improving the audio of your videos. Be sure to check which plug your phone requires to see if you need an adapter. If you have a more recent iPhone you will need the adapter plug that I link to below this microphone. I had to purchase an adapter because I have the iPhoneXS. Click button or image to view.


The adapter I mentioned above that you may need to go with the Rode microphone for the newer phones, be sure to get the right size for your phone, you will see different compatibility options at the link. Both pieces below are required to work with the iPhoneXS. Click button or image to view.

AND Here’s link to the Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter that is needed to connect the chord above to the recent iPhones (5 up to XS). This link to Apple is NOT an affiliate link: iPhone adapter to attach to Rode adapter chord above


I LOVE books! I love learning and the books I’ve mentioned here are some of my favorites!


  • I use iMovie to edit my videos

  • I use Lightroom and Photoshop (Creative Cloud All Apps) to edit my photos

  • I use Canva Pro and Photoshop to create graphics for social posts for my company and for my clients