You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful. This is something I believe about all of my clients and all of you. Most people that I meet and photograph don't like having their photo taken, they don't like photos of themselves and then they usually go on to tell me their physical flaws that they see. Does this sound familiar? Do you say these things about yourself? When I do a photo shoot with someone my goal is change their view and create an experience where they end up loving their photographs. I want you to experience the beauty that I see, that your friends see, that the world sees. Every time I pick up my camera my goal is to show you how beautiful I see you. There is nothing better than seeing the eyes of my clients light up when they see their own beauty in camera during their photo shoot. It happens every time. I hope you all see your beauty.

Watch this powerful video by Dove. I think it's the perfect gift to us all about seeing ourselves in a different light.

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