Women's History Month! Interviews with Female Entrepreneurs, Featuring Rachel Klewicki

Happy Women’s History Month!

This month I’ve been featuring inspiring business women on my blog. These ladies have inspired me both personally and professionally.

I’m including interviews and beautiful photos from our photo shoots together. The links are NOT affiliate links. I’m simply sharing the links to their businesses because I love these ladies and can personally recommend them.

Today, get ready to be inspired by Rachel Klewicki, owner Subliminal Style, Personal Styling for Professionals.

I help professionals build effortless, influential business wardrobes. Studies show that a great image directly boosts your perceived intelligence, perceived conscientiousness, negotiating power, and even earning potential. The reverse is also true. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle! I teach you to be an expert in your own style so that dressing becomes easy.
— Rachel Klewicki

Enjoy reading Rachel’s answers to my interview questions along with lots of gorgeous images from our photo shoots. I love working with Rachel. It’s always wonderful when she’s on set to style the wardrobe of everyone on camera. Definitely go visit Rachel’s website, she’s offering 20% off her services to readers of my blog.

What can you expect when working with Rachel?

“Almost all my clients say I change the way they think about clothing. They stop shopping randomly, and they start buying things with purpose. Whether it is just for one photo shoot or an entire work wardrobe, clients say they have more confidence and clarity about what to wear. I also love that so many clients save money in their wardrobe budget by working with me!”

JennKLPhotography-5125 FINAL web.jpg

What have been the most important factors contributing to your success?

“I'm so happy I didn't go to "Fashion" school - most stylists never had to work in a real office, and you can see that in many fashion ads. I studied personal identity at UCLA, and I also worked at corporate offices in Beverly Hills for many years before I became a stylist. This has definitely helped me relate to the needs of my professional clients.”

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Any thoughts/advice/inspiration for people pursuing their dreams of being an entrepreneur and running their own business?

“Being an entrepreneur is a lot of pressure. I think the most important thing I learned is that I don't have to do it all alone. I'm an expert in my own field... I don't have to also be an expert plumber or expert hairdresser! Networking has helped me find great resources.”

What are you currently working on? Where can people connect with you?

“My website is www.subliminalstyle.com, and I'd love to offer 20% off my services for readers of this blog!”

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