Women's History Month! Interviews with Female Entrepreneurs, Featuring Dr. Beth Hagenlocker

Happy Women’s History Month!

I’m featuring inspiring business women on my blog during Women’s History Month. These ladies have been my clients and inspired me both personally and professionally.

I’m including interviews and lovely photos from our photo shoots together. The links are NOT affiliate links. I’m simply sharing the links to their businesses because I love these ladies and can personally recommend them.

Today, get ready to be inspired by Dr. Beth Hagenlocker. Beth is a veterinarian and also manages an arts nonprofit for Detroit youth, The Detroit Creativity Project.

Enjoy reading Beth’s answers to my interview questions along with beautiful images from our photo shoots. Then definitely go visit links below.

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What can you expect when working with Beth?

“I work hard to provide quality service and care to my clients. That means actively listening and acting on their feedback.”

What have been the most important factors contributing to your success?

“I try to partner with people who are exceptional at what they do. They're usually motivated and creative. They drive me to always reach for the next level.”


Any thoughts/advice/inspiration for people pursuing their dreams of being an entrepreneur and running their own business?

“Seek out input from people who excel in their own business. They will inspire you, and usually have valuable experience and lessons.”

What are you currently working on? Where can people connect with you?

“I'd love to share the website for The Detroit Creativity Project: www.detroitcreativityproject.org. There's some great information there about improvisation. Maybe it will encourage someone to take an improv class!”

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