Women's History Month! Interviews with Female Entrepreneurs, Featuring Debra Rogers

Happy Women’s History Month!

I’m featuring inspiring business women on my blog. These ladies have been my clients and inspired me both personally and professionally.

I’m including interviews and beautiful photos from our photo shoots together. The links are NOT affiliate links. I’m simply sharing the links to their businesses because I love these ladies and can personally recommend them.

Today, get ready to be inspired by Debra Rogers. Debra is a Writer's Coach, Relationship Expert and Reinvention Strategist. She’s the award-winning author of the breakup book, "He Did You a Favor,” Debra’s devoted to helping you become the YOU you’re meant to be. She’s a passionate story junkie, dark chocolate lover, and a change-making cheerleader who helps you rewrite your story and ignite your success.

Enjoy reading Debra’s answers to my interview questions along with lots of beautiful images from our photo shoots. Then definitely go visit Debra’s link below.

Makeup by: Meagan Brown

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What can you expect when working with Debra?

“As a writer's coach: To write your book proposal, blog, or screenplay as well as create successful strategies to get you noticed, sold, and/or optioned. As a relationship expert: To help you get over your ex, get back to you, and create a life you truly love. “

What have been the most important factors contributing to your success?

“My virtual book blog tour. Winning book contests. Doing 25+ radio shows and podcasts. Being consistent with posting valuable content online. Creating a juicy freebie to gain subscribers (so important).”

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Any thoughts/advice/inspiration for people pursuing their dreams of being an entrepreneur and running their own business?

“Getting email subscribers is the #1 thing you should focus on, always. Also, if you're writing a book, create your business at the same time (website, freebie, blogging). You want to build loyal fans while you're writing your book, not after it's published. This is the biggest mistake I made.”

What are you currently working on? Where can people connect with you?

“I'm currently working on a 2.0 book version of "He Did You a Favor" along with a podcast and program to help you let go of the past, fire up your purpose, and achieve those big dreams. I'm also finishing up my new website: "Debra Jean Rogers - 'Write Your Story. Ignite Your Success.'" Also, since March is my birthday, I'm doing book giveaways all month, so follow me on social media @hedidyouafavor to find out more. And If you're struggling with a breakup, you can download my new "The Ultimate Breakup Survival Guide" for FREE at www.HeDidYouAFavor.com.”

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I’ve known Debra since she launched her book He Did You A Favor back in 2013. Here’s one of our first portraits from our photo shoot back then. Great memories! I love seeing the ladies I work with succeed and go after big dreams!

Makeup by:  Christina Cardenas

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