Women's History Month! Interviews with Female Entrepreneurs, Featuring Andrea Quinn

Happy Women’s History Month!

For the next two weeks I’ll be featuring inspiring business women on my blog. These ladies have been my clients and inspired me both personally and professionally.

I’m including interviews and beautiful photos from our photo shoots together. The links are NOT affiliate links. I’m simply sharing the links to their businesses because I love these ladies, I’ve experienced their businesses, and can personally recommend them.

Today, get ready to be inspired by Andrea Quinn, owner of Andrea Quinn Coaching! I have participated in Andrea’s life-changing workshops and also had the opportunity to create photographs for her and her business.

Enjoy reading Andrea’s answers to my interview questions along with lots of beautiful images from out photo shoots. Then definitely go visit Andrea’s link below. You can sign up right now for her workshops that will start in a few weeks!

Andrea Quinn is a Life and Business Coach and she specializes in personal empowerment.

What can you expect when working with Andrea?

“A client can expect to create a clear and defined plan with me that has them achieve their goals and dreams. They will feel they are in the drivers seat in their own lives. When someone sees they have the power to create the changes they want, no matter what the circumstance, it is transformative and life altering.”

JennKL Photography - 5.jpg

What have been the most important factors contributing to your success?

“Loving what I do is such a gift in my career but it has been my clients and their referrals which has made all the difference in contributing to my success. I am so grateful that clients over the last 12 years have wanted the people in their lives to feel as empowered as they do. I have had the privilege to work with my client's family members, friends, and business colleagues - and the trust they have in my work has been the main reason for my expansion and longevity in coaching.”

JennKLPhotography-1941 FINAL.jpg

Any thoughts/advice/inspiration for people pursuing their dreams of being an entrepreneur and running their own business?

“If you are wanting to run your own business make sure it is something you love and believe in. Being an entrepreneur is very hard work so loving what you do will make it easier to sustain the amount of energy you must put in on behalf of your business. You must believe you are making a contribution to the world in whatever you are doing - that belief will be the reason others believe in your product or business as well.”

What are you currently working on? Where can people connect with you?

“I am currently expanding my popular Women's Empowerment Workshops featuring a my program called The Quinn Essentials all over the country. This program teaches tools which changes lives! I have been teaching them for 10 years and the expansion is being well received in different cities. Spring workshops are currently registering now.”

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THANK YOU so much for reading about Andrea Quinn! Please share this post with anyone you think would enjoy it and benefit from it!