Women's History Month All Year Round, Author Portraits, Featuring Liz Lawson

I did a lot of interviews and features for Women’s History Month this year and thought during that time, this should last all year, every day, every month, feature women and their accomplishments. These ladies have been my clients and inspired me both personally and professionally. I love featuring female Authors, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs on my blog. I’m including interviews and lovely photos from our photo shoots together.

Today, get ready to be inspired by Liz Lawson. Liz is an author and her YA novel, The Lucky Ones, will release from Delacorte Press/Random House in 2020. Liz is also a music supervisor of film and TV!

Enjoy reading Liz’s answers to my interview questions along with beautiful images from our photo shoot for her author portraits. Then definitely go visit links below.

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What is your approach to writing? Any methods or tools you use to stay focused or to finish writing a book or project?

I wrote THE LUCKY ONES in large part after I had a child, so had to figure out how to give myself the space and time to make sure I finished it! My husband was a huge help and always stepped up when I needed him. I also would take a couple hours a day, either if day-job work was slow or at night, and write. Deadlines are a huge help - before I was agented, my parents and husband were great at holding me to them. After I had an agent and editor, it became even more vital that I met them, which was helpful because I have always been VERY deadline driven.


What have been the most important factors contributing to your success?

Perseverance, learning to handle rejection well, and allowing myself to be uncomfortable. Putting yourself out there into the world is never comfortable at first, and it's even more nerve wracking when it's your art. It's so personal! Being able to sit in spaces that don't feel entirely comfortable has been a really important lesson to learn. It's still not easy, but it gets easier with every step toward being published. Also, particularly in the arts, rejection is part of the game, and learning to push through that rather than giving up and quitting was a huge factor in my success. I queried another book before THE LUCKY ONES and didn't end up getting agented from it -- imagine if I had given up!


Any thoughts/advice/inspiration for people pursuing their goals and dreams?

Keep going! Don't let that little voice in your head win. Also, particularly with writing, the more you do it, the better you get at it, so practice practice practice!


How can people connect with you and what’s next?

You can find info on my book on Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42104979-the-lucky-ones

I'm also on Twitter: @LzLwsn and Instagram: @LzLwsn

Writing-wise, I'm currently working on Book 2. Music-wise, I'm supervising about 8 shows, including Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and a new show called GIRLS CRUISE that stars Lil Kim, Mya, and Chilli from TLC.

You can read more about Liz on her website: https://www.lizlawsonauthor.com

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