Wedding Wednesdays: Silhouettes (JennKL Photography)

I LOVE Photography and I love sharing things I've learned along my journey as a photographer.  I could read about and talk about photography all day if someone were interested in listening (my poor husband gets lots of photog talk from me everyday - buy, hey, it's paying off, he's becoming quite the photographer himself -check out this cool shot he took at OC County Fair this year) and I'm assuming there are lots of people out there like myself who like to learn something new everyday. I plan to start adding lots of fun new things about photography via blog posts, fun videos, behind-the-scenes, mini-workshops, you name it. An outlet, kind of like Photography Therapy for myself, that I hope also helps others learn. Haha! You can read what to expect from this new photography sharing adventure at the end of this post.

Today is the first Wedding Wednesday. So, let the sharing begin...

I love the portrait below but the circumstances surrounding it had me a bit nervous. Don't get me wrong...beautiful wedding, beautiful day, lots of love. I'm talking strictly from photography point of view, you know, getting some of the most important shots of the day. The portraits were to be done after the ceremony and once the ceremony ended we only had about 10 minutes of light left to get everything:  Bride/Groom, Wedding Party, Individual Portraits, Groups, everything! Yikes. Okay, so this happens, just gotta take a deep breath and go! To make the most of this situation while groups were gathering for their picture, I kept the Bride/Groom off to the side to take portraits of the two of them, in between having them hop in and out for pictures with their bridal party and family. The portrait below was on a mountain top at Malibu Family Wines (the location of their wedding, beautiful place) - you can see the sun has disappeared behind the mountain.  So what to do with the very last seconds of light??? Get some gorgeous silhouettes.

To get a different angle I crouched down. Note: crouching was the only way to have what was left of the lit sky behind them and not solid black mountain :-). Also, I did a little angle with the camera to create what I think looks like their bodies are making the shape of a heart. Sweet. I exposed for the sky, shooting toward the light, with couple in between me and the light.  Voila!...silhouette.


  • Canon 5D
  • 70-200/2.8 LSeries Lens (shot at 115mm)
  • f/2.8, Shutter 1/15 (umm, yes, I held my breath), ISO 1600
  • Southern CA, October, 6:51 p.m.

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What you can expect in the future:

  • Monday FUNday (all kinds of video FUN - look for the first one coming this Monday, Aug 8th)
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