Wedding Wednesday: The Sun and The Moon. And Love. (JennKL Photography)

It's time for another Wedding Wednesday. Today...a new image from a recent engagement session at the beach. I wanted to share the two images below side by side because, well, I just think it's really cool. We started this engagement session about an hour before sunset and as we were wrapping up the last few shots before the sun dipped below the horizon, we turned and low and behold...the Moon!!! Oh, it was so neat.  What a gift for some extra special photos. When you are out on your shoot, always look for opportunities that you didn't plan and stay tuned in to your surroundings (that includes the sky ), you never know what might show up to make a session even better. The shoot isn't over until you are back in your car and driving away :-). Until then, be on alert for something different, unique and unplanned.

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