Wedding Wednesday: Limited Time for Portraits. Beautiful Light. (JennKL Photography)

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday at JennKL Photography. Today I want to share a few photography tips for the times that you simply don't get those treasured minutes before a wedding to capture some beautiful bridal portraits.  The gown goes on, last ribbon tied and shoes slipped on just in time to run out the door and down to the ceremony.  But, wait, what about the bridal portraits that you wanted to capture and had planned to capture? Things change. The show must go on. So hopefully as the thorough photographer that you are, you have done a little scouting and planning before this rushed moment. Things to consider so you are prepared for those rushed moments:

*Show up early and scout the wedding location to find the areas where you plan to do portraits (for before and after ceremony)

*It's all about the light. Look for beautifully lit areas in very close vicinity to where the bride is getting ready

*Take a deep breath, focus, and trust that you'll capture those beautiful moments (this is a lot easier to do if you've scouted the location and have an idea of the areas that are best for portraits)

In the image below, I only had seconds to capture this portrait as we were headed to the ceremony. When I was photographing details earlier in the day, I found this gorgeous window right outside the room where the bride was getting ready. So, as we fled the room to the ceremony, I asked if we could stop for a couple seconds as we passed this window. I had my settings ready, knew where I wanted her to stand, took 2 quick shots - one from behind as you see below and one over her shoulder looking at camera - and off to the wedding we went!  It ended up being one of my absolute favorite portraits from the wedding.  It really is about the moments. You have to anticipate them and know you may only have less than a second to capture them. And that's okay. It's where the excitement lives.


  • Canon 5D
  • 24-70/2.8 LSeries (shot at 70)
  • f/2.8, Shutter 1/60, ISO 800

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