Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Session on the Beach (JennKL Photography)

Last night I had the opportunity to do a beautiful engagement session at the beach.  Such a fantastic time to get creative.  It was super fun, cool breezes, perfect sunset and just the right amount of time to capture so much love on (digital) "film". I've posted a few of my favorites from the session. Also, just wanted to share a few tips for doing any kind of photography at the beach. 1) Do NOT change your lenses while you're on the beach. The sand and salty mist will mess up the lovely insides of your camera before you can say "Hey, what happened?"

2) I think beach shoots are best at sunset - the lighting is just GORGEOUS!!! My engagement sessions are usually about an hour long - so I just start the session an hour before the sun goes bye-bye.

3) Have your client bring a sweater/jacket along just in case it gets cold.  Have them throw it on every few minutes to warm up.

Now, some of my favorites from yesterday...(A BIG HUGE Congratulations to Crystal and Kevin on your upcoming wedding!!! I LOVED our session at the beach! Thank you for having me be a part of your special day)

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