Wake Up, Boog! A conversation with myself

I recently tried to celebrate a birthday. My birthday. It was this past Sunday the 5th. I turned a year older, not really a year, the number got one number bigger but I was really only a day older than I was the day before even thought it FELT like a thousand-hundred-years-days. Anyway. One of my best friends called me during the day to wish me a "Happy Birthday"! Then she continued..."How old this year?", me "t*^%!y -*$&", her "Oh, those are the best years!, what a great year!", me "Really?", she chuckles "well Honey, I'm 89. You've got your whole life ahead of you. Isn't it funny we spend our whole life thinking about being younger". A few days passed by and on Wednesday my husband and I went to eat at California Pizza Kitchen. I chose to eat a cheesy, hammy, pineapple-y delicious pizza and some fried mac and cheese so I could eat how I felt about turning older. Apparently I hadn't really heard my sweet friend about enjoying this moment in time. As I was sitting there stuffing my feelings down my throat, wondering how I was ever going to accomplish all the goals/dreams on my list given that now I AM A YEAR OLDER!...a lovely woman walks in to dine by herself. She is a good 50 years older than me. I could see over her shoulder that she was reading an Assisted Living brochure. My heart broke and then I started feeling really bad about feeling bad about turning older. I thought to myself "WAKE UP, BOOG!!!" Boog is an endearing term someone I looked up to in high school would call me. Ha. I continued the conversation in my head "You have all the time in the world, it doesn't matter if you're 36, 46, 56, 76, 86, 96 or 106, if there are things you want to accomplish then just get to doing it!!!" It's that simple. Get to doing it instead of thinking about what you haven't done. Plus, like my friend wisely said, "these are the best years!"

Given that I am healthy and so very thankful and grateful to be alive and well and blessed with another birthday, I started feeling reallllyyy reallllyyy guilty for feeling sorry myself. So since I felt bad about feeling bad I enjoyed a nice, cinnamon-y, gooey, apple crisp dessert.

(Sidetracked...I also had the thought that we all live in "Assisted Living" from the time we are born. Parents, Family, Friends, Teachers, Spouses, Mentors...nobody's doing this alone. You may think you are, but somewhere along the line we've all been assisted in some way.)

Grab life and get to doing...

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