Thursday Things: Youth Mentoring Connection. A Heartwarming Event. (JennKL Photography)

My husband, Hal Lublin, was recently the MC at a fundraiser for Youth Mentoring Connection at Fresh Paint Art and I decided to tag along and take some images of the evening.  A bit about YMC from their site "YMC empowers at-risk youth by matching them with caring and skilled mentors who see their unique gifts and help them achieve their life goals. YMC provides both the resources and structure needed for kids to reach a conscious and productive adulthood".  I feel so fortunate to have been at their fundraiser, such a great cause.  It was an inspiring and heartfelt evening.  A couple of the youth were actually creating a canvas of beautiful graffiti art during the event to be raffled off as the grand prize - you can see their gorgeous work in the image below.  When given a chance to speak, one young man touched everyone's heart while explaining that he is thankful to have an outlet doing graffiti as art work and when asked what his dream is, he said "this, tonight, doing my art and having people see it".  Amazing!  I hope you'll take the time to visit the Youth Mentoring Connection website and I promise you'll be inspired to get involved. You can see more images of the evening here. My hope is that these images are used to help build awareness for their program. Enjoy!

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