Thursday Things: Los Angeles Team Mentoring (JennKL Photography)

Today I spent the day photographing and filming the children and mentors of Los Angeles Team Mentoring's program (LATM).  It was such a rewarding day and I can't wait to see everything we shot put together for their mentor and student recruitment videos.  Please take a minute to read about LATM through this link.  I know they would love to have you as a mentor and the kids would benefit in huge ways. Click here to read all about being a mentor with LATM. -from LATM website -"Our after-school mentoring program, TeamWorks, uses an interactive project and activity-rich curriculum that promotes positive self-image and attitude, builds strong peer-to-peer and peer-to-adult relationships, and emphasizes the importance of team work and diversity by utilizing a unique team model to connect youth and adults."

Below are a couple portraits of Samia, last year's LATM Mentee of the Year (taken during the annual soiree.). Congratulations again to Samia - I know it's been almost a year since she was honored with this award, but wanted to mention it again.  She is an inspiration!

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