Textures, Patterns and Using Your Imagination...

I am fascinated with textures, patterns and taking pictures of "parts of the whole". The picture below could be many things. When I look I see the bottom of a river that has dried up. Or what you see looking out the window of an airplane when you're many miles high in the sky and you see the mountains and desert below. It especially looks to me like the Grand Canyon - which I've seen many times on the flight from California to Florida and back - always an exciting announcement from the Captain and then you hope you're on the right side of the plane to see it. Ah, the little pleasures in life. Haha. What does it look like to you? I tell you the answer below the photo...

I took this during a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. Rounded a corner on the dusty hiking trail and saw this exposed rock on the ground and thought it had the neatest patterns and textures. So it's about a 2 foot by 2 foot area where part of the rocky mountain was exposed. Neat.

The general rule is to "focus forward" and "keep your head up", right? I think sometimes you have to mix it up and look down because you never know what you'll see. If you're going to "look down" and break the rules just do it with confidence, purpose and the intention of finding something new. Someone else might have just stepped over a great opportunity that you'll be lucky to see.

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