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Unique Headshots, Business Portraits

Kate Miller, featured below, is an actress and artist. I had the opportunity to work with her to update her acting headshots. Since headshots are used to book work, I believe they are business portraits. My goal for a business portrait photo shoot is to provide my clients with lots of variety. We photograph the must-do list, for Kate we needed to be sure to get the close up "headshot". Then I like to include lots of lifestyle portraits that my clients can use for a variety of opportunities. 

Portraits for Business

One of my favorite ways to spend the day...photographing a strong, powerful woman who runs her own business. I'm so excited for Jamie, she will be launching a new business in the new year. It is always inspiring to work with clients who dream big. And we spent yesterday doing just that...dreaming big! and capturing so many beautiful moments. 

This is just a sneak peek of a few portraits from yesterday's photo shoot. 

Portraits, Composer Fil Eisler

Here are some favorites from my most recent portrait session with the incredibly talented composer Fil Eisler. I first photographed Fil when he was composing the music for the television show Revenge and now he is the composer for the hit show Empire.  These were taken after a recording session for Empire. 

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Author Portraits, The Last Bookstore, Book Signing with Gwendolyn Womack

If you get a chance, you must visit The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles. It is such a neat bookstore! So many fun things to see. I was there recently to attend the book launch party and book signing for Gwendolyn Womack. I was so excited to see Gwendolyn's author portrait in her new novel The Memory Painter. Here are a few favorites from the book signing and of course Gwendolyn's beautiful portrait. You can read about and order her novel The Memory Painter on her website (

JennKL Photography-471_FINAL.jpg

Delicious cake to celebrate...

JennKL Photography-0936.jpg

Book cover...

JennKL Photography-0944.jpg

Always exciting (to me) to see portraits I took in print! 

And some photos of what I think is one of the coolest bookstores around...

JennKL Photography-0996.jpg

Congratulations Gwendolyn!