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Preview, Business and Marketing Photos

Yesterday was a beautiful day made extra special because of a photo shoot with Elysia Skye. Here are a coupld favorites from her photo shoot. I can't wait to see how she uses these portraits for her business and marketing.

JennKL Photography-5736 FINAL web.jpg

Business Portraits for College Graduates

I just had one of my favorite photo shoots this past Friday. I specialize in portraits and product photos for entrepreneurs and photographing a student about to graduate from college was extra special! Why? Because college grads are literally starting their careers and the opportunity to help them with some great portraits for representing themselves in the business world makes me very happy. I was initially contacted for cap and gown portraits, which we covered, but I also suggested we take some portraits that can be used for launching a career. Every college grad can benefit from professional business portraits for resumes, bios and social media...perfect for this wonderful time of starting out in a career. 

Here are some favorites from my photo shoot with Tyler. 

Congratulations Tyler on all your hard work and upcoming graduation!