New Site and New Shop Launching Soon

I am excited to share with you that I just launched a brand new site with the purpose being to have a place to visit for peace of mind. Please visit to read more. I write and share over there on a daily basis...everything from thoughts to creative projects, art and photography. The hope is for it to be an uplifting and inspiring place to visit. 

I recently launched a styled stock photo shop here on my photography website and now that I have the new site I am going to combine everything. I can't wait to launch the new store that will start out with styled stock photos and t-shirts I've designed. It will grow from there.

Here's a peek at the logo for the new online shop. 

A Photoshop Project, Butterfly Fabric

I love color and texture and beautiful fabrics. I had the idea to someday use my photos to create unique fabrics. On a recent trip I started painting in Photoshop using one of my Butterfly photos to see where it would lead.

This is the image I started with....

Below is the result from editing in Photoshop using only the image above. I think this would be a really beautiful piece of fabric, imagine it made into a skirt. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for updates about some neat products I'll be launching soon.

Self Portrait and Hair Decisions. A sensible combo.

I've been thinking a lot lately about cutting my hair, cutting it short. Really short! Which led me to looking for this self portrait I took when my hair was shorter than it is now. Then I got inspired to edit this image with lots of textures and, some hours later...'s the portrait

JennKL_Self Portrait_Black and White_web.jpg

Adding this to my fine art gallery, which you can see more of here.

Seriously thinking of going wayyyyy shorter than this with my hair. Like pixie cut short.

Anyone else currently thinking of drastic hair changes? Or a big change in another area of your life?