photo shoot

Love Yourself in Photos: Self-Talk

It's time for another fun episode all about having a great photo shoot experience!

Enjoy this while you think about the things you say to yourself.

Let's focus on our fabulousness!

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Unique Headshots, Business Portraits

Kate Miller, featured below, is an actress and artist. I had the opportunity to work with her to update her acting headshots. Since headshots are used to book work, I believe they are business portraits. My goal for a business portrait photo shoot is to provide my clients with lots of variety. We photograph the must-do list, for Kate we needed to be sure to get the close up "headshot". Then I like to include lots of lifestyle portraits that my clients can use for a variety of opportunities. 

Looking Natural in Portraits, The Art of a Successful Photo Shoot

My favorite portraits are the ones where my clients look completely relaxed, connected and genuine. My goal during every photo shoot is to get to that perfect place where a person's true personality shines. Sometimes I achieve this by just simply asking my client to look off camera and think of a happy memory. Or I might ask them to turn their back to the camera and then twirl back to looking into the camera. The fun of both these approaches usually gets a real laugh and an uninhibited reaction. 

I just adore these portraits of Catrice, the owner of Sweetness and Delight Event Styling.