marketing portraits

New Website Launch, Andrea Quinn Coaching

I am so happy for Andrea Quinn! She just launched her beautiful new website for her coaching business! The new site is wonderful and inspiring, just like Andrea. Be sure to go visit her website by clicking right here. I highly recommend joining her mailing list. She will be sharing all kinds of wonderful things about living an empowered life. 

We had a great time working together to get lots of beautiful portraits and business photos that you can see throughout her site.

Here are a few favorites. 

Congratulations again Andrea! 

Portraits for Business

One of my favorite ways to spend the day...photographing a strong, powerful woman who runs her own business. I'm so excited for Jamie, she will be launching a new business in the new year. It is always inspiring to work with clients who dream big. And we spent yesterday doing just that...dreaming big! and capturing so many beautiful moments. 

This is just a sneak peek of a few portraits from yesterday's photo shoot.