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Instagram 60 Second Videos, Photography for Entrepreneurs

There are exciting changes happening on Instagram. One great upgrade...60 second video option. Before now, the limit was 15 seconds. Video is such a great marketing resource for any Business or Entrepreneur. And the one minute video feature on Instagram is the perfect length to share a quick message. 

*This feature will slowly be released over the next few months to everyone. Some so accounts will have the 60 second option right away and some will see it activated later.

All of this inspired me to create a new video. I specialize in portrait and product photography for Entrepreneurs by providing personalized marketing plans and custom stock photo libraries. This video features one of my business clients, Sweetness and Delight Event Styling. I'll eventually share this on Instagram when I get the 60 second option. A fun thing to look forward to. 

Looking Natural in Portraits, The Art of a Successful Photo Shoot

My favorite portraits are the ones where my clients look completely relaxed, connected and genuine. My goal during every photo shoot is to get to that perfect place where a person's true personality shines. Sometimes I achieve this by just simply asking my client to look off camera and think of a happy memory. Or I might ask them to turn their back to the camera and then twirl back to looking into the camera. The fun of both these approaches usually gets a real laugh and an uninhibited reaction. 

I just adore these portraits of Catrice, the owner of Sweetness and Delight Event Styling.

New Website Launch, Andrea Quinn Coaching

I am so happy for Andrea Quinn! She just launched her beautiful new website for her coaching business! The new site is wonderful and inspiring, just like Andrea. Be sure to go visit her website by clicking right here. I highly recommend joining her mailing list. She will be sharing all kinds of wonderful things about living an empowered life. 

We had a great time working together to get lots of beautiful portraits and business photos that you can see throughout her site.

Here are a few favorites. 

Congratulations again Andrea! 

Finally, Pieces of Fabric and a Portrait, #3

Today is my Birthday. This portrait represents how I feel going into this new year. I've been working on this portrait in my mind for many, many months and finally finished it this morning. 

Inspired by a feeling about how I feel today. Finally is the word that comes to mind. Finally can mean so many things. Finally arrived. Finally know. Finally peace. Finally ready.

Finally see.

Finally be. 

Keep reading below. I share how I created this portrait.

I created this image using 6 different pictures I've taken over the past few years. I also spent about 10 hours in Photoshop editing and painting and just letting inspiration lead the way. 

This is part of my personal project Pieces of Fabric and a Portrait. The idea...I make a dress or outfit using one piece or a few pieces of fabric, no sewing, just wrapping, tying and pinning the fabrics and then create beautiful inspired portraits. 

For this portrait, I started with a giant piece of bright pink fabric, wrapped it around myself to create a "dress". I pinned it with the clips you see below. I used the wax paper and freezer paper pictured to create the look of chrysalis fading away at my feet. (I looked up the word cocoon and apparently that's not usually what caterpillars form to become butterflies, it's called a chrysalis. Learned something new.)

I took quite a few portraits of myself wearing the "dress" in front of a gray background and merged two different images together so I had a complete image without the camera remote in my hand.

JennKL Photography_Butterfly Finally Fabric.jpg

I took this image of a beautiful butterfly during a family vacation in Florida years ago. It's one of my favorite photographs. I am in love with the wings and made them my wings in this portrait.

JennKL Photography_ART-8_Butterfly.jpg

This next image was taken during a walk through the mountains in Georgia with my sister a few years ago.  We were both in awe of the light streaming through the trees over the creek. You will see in the final image, I used this picture for the background.

This following photo shows reflections in the pond at my Grandma's cabin in the Georgia mountains. I used the sky and tree reflections as part of the final portrait, to create additional light and glow.

I took the next photo on the same nature walk through the mountains in Georgia with my sister. This is an image looking straight down at the creek, slow shutter speed for movement. I used this to add texture to the chrysalis...cocoon :-), I just like how cocoon sounds. 

And again...the final portrait... 

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Previous Pieces of Fabric and a Portrait "Weather the Storm"

Portraits for Business

One of my favorite ways to spend the day...photographing a strong, powerful woman who runs her own business. I'm so excited for Jamie, she will be launching a new business in the new year. It is always inspiring to work with clients who dream big. And we spent yesterday doing just that...dreaming big! and capturing so many beautiful moments. 

This is just a sneak peek of a few portraits from yesterday's photo shoot.