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Photo Fridays: The Party Observer (JennKL Photography)

Hope you enjoy the portraits below from a recent birthday party. Next time you're in a social setting (birthday party, wedding, anniversary party) take a moment to look around, sometimes the best company is only 2 feet tall and a whole year old. Seriously, they laugh at your jokes, smile at you all the time and are happy to have your attention :-). Plus you'll get some great pictures. Sometimes these quiet moments are overlooked and if you just take a minute to notice things outside of the main focus of the party you might just get some really sweet images. When you're only a year old, like the sweet little guy in the photos below, I imagine being at big brother's birthday party must have been exciting. This little guy enjoyed his bottle and spent a lot of time observing what the big kids were doing.

Had to include his big brother.  He is very serious about his cake...

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Photo Fridays: Try Something New. Cool Locations. (JennKL Photography)

Welcome to another Photo Fridays with JennKL Photography. The tip this week is super simple and FUN...explore a new location this weekend. Go somewhere you've never gone before and see what new inspiration you can find, not to mention the cool new photos you'll end up with.  The images below are from a portrait session I did just yesterday. We explored lots of neat places I've never been - Artist's Alley in Atwater Village and the LA River. To see more from the session below click here. Have fun taking pictures this weekend - feel free to share the images with me in the comments section below or on my Facebook photography page.

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Photo Walk Fridays: Backgrounds (JennKL Photography)

Welcome to another Photo Walk Friday. Today's video (watch below) is all about backgrounds. Meaning, be aware of what the background of your photo is, what is behind your subject.  Just like I mentioned in the video on Framing a few weeks's important to pay attention to everything you're looking at through your viewfinder.  I like to keep the focus on my subject with as little distraction as possible in the background.  But hey, if you like the look of busy photos with lots of stuff going on, by all means, it's your creative choice, go for it.  For today's video though, I'm focusing on my subject. So enjoy the video and then grab your camera and head out for some fun photography over the weekend...paying extra special attention to the background.  I'd love to see your pictures. Feel free to stop back by and post images in the comments section below.

A big THANK YOU to my husband Hal Lublin - he's featured in this video and helped me shoot it - woohoo!!!

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Photo Walk Fridays: Get Low (JennKL Photography)

Happy Photo Friday!!! Just wanted to give you a few things to think about when you are out and about with your camera this weekend.  Time to get low. By "get low" I mean try taking pictures from a position other than standing straight up.  Thinking about getting on your subjects same level. If your subject stands, try squatting and aim up to take the picture to give your subject the power position. If working with children, kneel to photograph them straight on. Or if your subject is sitting you might even try getting on your stomach to take the picture - like I did in the image below.  Gives a completely different feel than if I'd just stood there and aimed down at them. I'd love to see the pictures you try this weekend.  Feel free to share your images here in the comments section and how you got the shot. Be sure to check out last Friday's Photo Walk post/video all about Framing.

Settings for portrait below: Canon 5D, 85mm 1.2 Canon L Series, f/5, me on my tummy :-), b/w in post

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