"Smile. Smile for the camera. SMILE!” Did you ever hear that?

I bet most of us have heard or witnessed many times the following words..."Smile. Smile for the camera. SMILE!"...if there's a camera around, someone is likely telling you to smile for it. I think smiling is awesome and wonderful and great and all things good, but if you try to force someone to smile (especially children) it comes out looking rather stiff and awkward. My theory is to let people feel what they feel in the moment and eventually something funny will happen or a funny thought will cross the mind and all of a sudden you have a natural smile. Next time you have a camera in your hand try letting your subject be themselves, however they are feeling in the moment, and you'll get some amazing, natural, genuine photos that capture that moment in time. Let the laughs and smiles happen organically. If you create a fun, safe and loving environment for photos most people respond by actually enjoying it, so you'll end up with plenty of laughs and smiles.

"Hang on to where you're going and get there"


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