San Francisco 2009

A few weeks ago I went to San Francisco with my husband and father-in-law for a social media marketing conference. We had a little bit of free time to see some pretty sites and visit with friends. Below are some of the pictures I took while we were there.

These first few are of a friend's children. This sweet little girl seemed very deep in thought, she was happy to sit and think while everyone else played - so adorable! And, she loves her Mommy - you can see :-) When her big brother saw us taking pictures he wanted one of his own.

A great exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Richard Avedon's work is incredible, his photography is very moving, great study of people...Loved, loved, loved seeing his work.  Shot this street sign near the museum.

Snapped the remaining shots from inside the car while we were driving around. We didn't have much time to stop for photographs, so I just took photos as we drove through the city and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Fingers were crossed for a stop sign here and there so I could get a steady shot out the window.

A cool shot of my father-in-law driving us through the city :-)

Just a building that caught my eye 

Looking up through the sunroof at the Golden Gate Bridge as we drove across.

Alcatraz, again a snap shot as we whisked across the Golden Gate.

We had just crossed the bridge to the north side at this point, looking back at the city.  San Francisco is such a beautiful place to visit.