Pursuing the Dream, Another Side of Me. Going out on a limb, hoping it's a strong one!

I wanted to share another side of my life. I've mentioned before that along with photography I have also been out here in Los Angeles pursuing a career in comedy. For years I've blogged mostly about my photography in fear that if I mixed the two it might be confusing for potential clients. Felt like I needed to keep everything separate. But then I realized during the photo shoots I have with my clients that I am constantly asking them what their dreams and goals are and I ask them to share those dreams with the world. To put themselves out there. To spend the day with me capturing images that will help to tell their story and then to share those images with the world. I realized that I needed to start doing exactly what I ask my clients to do. I needed to stop hiding or not sharing other sides of me out of fear. Fear of confusing people, afraid of what someone might think, comedian and photographer, how does that go together? Well, it does because it's me. It's who I am. It works. I like to have fun and laugh a lot and this certainly helps to get natural portraits if your clients are laughing. For me comedy is about finding truth and joy and expressing your voice - I feel the same way about photography - so look - in their own perfect way they fit together.

It just made me really nervous that I actually wrote those two words - comedian and photographer. How dare I call myself that? and in the same blog? my business blog no less? These are the thoughts that go through my head. I think we all go through this because there is just so much judgement out there in the world and really I think most of us are our own worst judge. I have to repeat in my head what my sweet husband says to me all the time "Get out of your own way". So, let's all get out of our own way. Dream it, pursue it, share it!

Here's what I'm sharing - I just launched a new blog for one of my characters. The character is Carter Parton Rogers and she's pursuing her dreams of becoming a country music singer. You can see the site and her first video by visiting www.HeyHearMeNow.com and see the welcome video here. I have to say a very big thank you to my husband, Hal, because without his encouragement Carter might not have ever seen the light of day. Below are a few portraits we took to go with her website.

This is a "self" portrait I guess you could say of Carter. I used a nifty little $30 remote from Samy's to take these photos. Just get your camera settings and framing the way you want and then hop in front of the camera and click the remote. Cool!

When we filmed the first video, my husband took some portraits for me, this next one is one he took...I think he did a great job!

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below about what you are pursuing. What's your dream for yourself?

"Hang on to where you're going and get there"


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