Pieces of Fabric and a Portrait, #1

A new project I started quite a while ago. The idea...I make a dress or outfit using one piece or a few pieces of fabric, no sewing, just wrapping, tying and pinning the fabrics around the person I'm photographing and then create beautiful portraits. 

For this photo shoot I bought four pieces of fabric: plain white, white tulle, white lace with beaded edge, blush chiffon with flower appliqués. You will see below the different ways I layered and used the fabrics. Sometimes the fabric was a backdrop, sometimes it was "the dress". All pinned with the orange clips you see below.

I made the bouquet from flowers I purchased at the grocery store. 

The fabrics and clips before...

JennKL Photography-686.jpg

And the results, portraits of Hannah, hair and makeup by Jamie Hoover...