Photo Walk Fridays: Get Low (JennKL Photography)

Happy Photo Friday!!! Just wanted to give you a few things to think about when you are out and about with your camera this weekend.  Time to get low. By "get low" I mean try taking pictures from a position other than standing straight up.  Thinking about getting on your subjects same level. If your subject stands, try squatting and aim up to take the picture to give your subject the power position. If working with children, kneel to photograph them straight on. Or if your subject is sitting you might even try getting on your stomach to take the picture - like I did in the image below.  Gives a completely different feel than if I'd just stood there and aimed down at them. I'd love to see the pictures you try this weekend.  Feel free to share your images here in the comments section and how you got the shot. Be sure to check out last Friday's Photo Walk post/video all about Framing.

Settings for portrait below: Canon 5D, 85mm 1.2 Canon L Series, f/5, me on my tummy :-), b/w in post

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