Photo Walk Fridays: Backgrounds (JennKL Photography)

Welcome to another Photo Walk Friday. Today's video (watch below) is all about backgrounds. Meaning, be aware of what the background of your photo is, what is behind your subject.  Just like I mentioned in the video on Framing a few weeks's important to pay attention to everything you're looking at through your viewfinder.  I like to keep the focus on my subject with as little distraction as possible in the background.  But hey, if you like the look of busy photos with lots of stuff going on, by all means, it's your creative choice, go for it.  For today's video though, I'm focusing on my subject. So enjoy the video and then grab your camera and head out for some fun photography over the weekend...paying extra special attention to the background.  I'd love to see your pictures. Feel free to stop back by and post images in the comments section below.

A big THANK YOU to my husband Hal Lublin - he's featured in this video and helped me shoot it - woohoo!!!

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