Photo Fridays: The Party Observer (JennKL Photography)

Hope you enjoy the portraits below from a recent birthday party. Next time you're in a social setting (birthday party, wedding, anniversary party) take a moment to look around, sometimes the best company is only 2 feet tall and a whole year old. Seriously, they laugh at your jokes, smile at you all the time and are happy to have your attention :-). Plus you'll get some great pictures. Sometimes these quiet moments are overlooked and if you just take a minute to notice things outside of the main focus of the party you might just get some really sweet images. When you're only a year old, like the sweet little guy in the photos below, I imagine being at big brother's birthday party must have been exciting. This little guy enjoyed his bottle and spent a lot of time observing what the big kids were doing.

Had to include his big brother.  He is very serious about his cake...

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