My Husband Caught Me Dancing, Some Photo Tips from Me to You

During an evening out in Culver City my husband, Hal, wanted to go on a mini photo walk and take some pictures. I handed off the camera and couldn't wait to see his photos. We had just had dinner, so it was time for some dancing, down the street, you know, like everybody does. After he snapped the first shot you see below - he said "why is it blurry?". Photo tip is coming your way...shutter speed is the answer.  He had it set at 1/15 (1/15 of a second) - you notice even stationary objects like trees are blurry from just movement that comes with holding the camera (as opposed to using a tripod). When photographing people, since they move, it's best to keep the shutter at 1/200 or faster if you want person to be "not blurry" from movement. But if you want a little blur to capture motion, by all means, slow that shutter down and get creative. I personally LOVE this photo - I think the blur adds a really fun element. So YAY! Hubby!

Now I could talk photography ALL DAY LONG to anyone that wants to after sharing the shutter tip with Hal he sped it up a bit to 1/50 (1/50 of a second) and he was able to capture this awesome awesomesauce shot of the Pacific Theatres building, his favorite thing to neon signs with lots of lights. Now 1/50 worked well for this, even being handheld because the building doesn't move. If it was set at 1/50 for the dancing shot above - it would still be blurry.

And then he got an even clearer shot at 1/125 (1/125 of a second) shutter...nice framing!!!

Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments section below if you have any photography related questions and I'll do my best to answer them in future posts.


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