Love, Birds and Other Things (JennKL Photography)

I've recently been taking lots of trips down memory lane. It's been a long trip, like a relaxing vacation or a hike up the tallest mountain depending on which day you catch me. I am going through my entire body of working prepping for a more focused 2012. I came across the portrait below and it is definitely one I'm very fond of. It's a portrait from my very first engagement session.  I love everything about this photo, the birds, the love, the beach, all of it. But I especially love what you can't see. Let me share. When we arrived at the beach there was a big HUGE gathering of birds just hanging out in the sand. I immediately thought how cool it would be if they were in the portraits. So I had the couple and I head toward the water about 50 yards south of the birds and asked my husband, Hal Lublin, to head up north of the birds. I picked my camera settings, asked the couple to love on each other and then...cue the birds! I called to my husband and said "we're set" and then he just starting chasing the birds, a full on sprint, clapping at them, running, "hoot, hoot"-ing them in our direction. I don't know how to write in words the sounds my husband was making. It was bird talk. And it worked. I held down my shutter and hoped for the best. The results made me jump up and down with joy. Going through all of my work is also a time for a lot of reflection about where I started, where I am now and where I want to take my photography. I realize what a huge part my husband has played in my success. He has been there from the start and been my biggest supporter and for that I am more grateful than I can express here. In words. Hoot, hoot.  


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