How I See You...

My philosophy... My work is about showing you in a portrait what I see in real life and what I know you feel in your heart. You are a beautiful, powerful and vibrant person with unlimited potential. My desire is for you to see how special you are. I believe that the process we go through working together results in a heightened sense of self, strengthened self-confidence and may be just the catalyst you need to ignite a determined passion for achieving all you've ever wanted. You are unstoppable. The Proof is in Your Portraits ~ JennKL

Here are some of my favorites from a recent session with Talya. Her dream...acting. I've seen her work, she is super talented. I can't wait to see where she takes her career.

"My love as a photographer lives in working with entrepreneurs to create portfolios of images for both personal and professional use: press releases, social media, websites, blogs, author portraits, actor portraits, speaking engagements, you name it. It is pure joy for me to help you succeed in achieving portraits that show your superb self in a genuine way. The result: authentic, stunning portraits to be used as an essential tool in advancing your dream career."

The Proof is in Your Portraits ~ JennKL

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