Happy Halloween! Boatloads of cuteness! (Southern California Portrait Photographer)

I just hosted a portrait party for Halloween over the weekend!  One word...ADORABLE!!!  It was a simple idea and a huge success. The party in a nutshell...bring your children in costume for 10 minute mini portrait sessions and then go trick-or-treating at the Sweetness and Delight candy bar. So many creative parents....I loved seeing all the fantastic costumes.  We held the party at Yoga Vista in Playa Vista, CA. A gorgeous, natural light location. (Side note - if you are interested in Yoga - this is the place to take classes).  I just put up a simple green backdrop to keep the focus on the kids and had lots of glorious natural light to work with. You will see mixed in with the portraits below a cute Halloween graphic that I added for the parents to use as an e-card to all of their friends and family.  I hope you have a wonderful, fun, sweet Halloween. Send me an email to Jennifer(at)JennKL.com if you'd like to be notified of our Holiday Portrait Party and Toy Drive!!! Can't wait!  Enjoy the cuteness below...

Candy and trick-or-treat bar provided by Sweetness and Delight  (email: sweetnessandelight(at)gmail.com | phone: (310) 614-6979). Contact Sweetness and Delight for event styling and design, party favors and center pieces for corporate and private events.

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