Episode 1, Interviews and Fine Art Portraits, Female Entrepreneurs

What is this?

Interviewing female entrepreneurs about their dreams, hopes, goals, success, and business in order to inspire us all to be empowered to go after our dream life. After the interview...create a beautiful fine art portrait.

Why the Fine Art Portraits? 

After being a professional portrait photographer for 10 years I'm finally taking the leap to do the work I've dreamed in my head. While photographing woman for business portraits, I find that I see a beautiful, flowing, feminine, powerful painting in my mind and I've wanted to find a way to express those visions through photography. A physical representation of how I want all of us ladies to see ourselves. Beautiful. Powerful. Strong. Capable. Important. Worthy. 

It has been an incredible experience to see this project come to life. The rewards are endless for me and for the person in front of my camera. I am so grateful to the women I have worked with already and I can't wait to meet and work with more wonderful women. Every woman out there...we all deserve to experience this. You are beautiful strength with a powerful voice. Let's shout our message, mission, and dreams from the mountaintops. 

Episode #1 is ready to see! In this episode I'm talking with health and wellness coach Ellen Jaworski, owner of Triple Peak Paleo. We're sitting in one of her offices...her kitchen! I've been following Ellen's business since we worked together creating a marketing portfolio full of beautiful photographs...you can those images here!

Where to follow Triple Peak Paleo:

website: www.triplepeakpaleo.com / instagram: @triplepeakpaleo / facebook: @triplepeakpaleo

Watch Episode #1 here: 

Portrait of Ellen:

JennKL Fine Art Portraits

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