Finding Great Light, Contemporary Business Portraits

I recently had a portrait session at the Toyota Corporate Center here in California. One of the things I enjoy most when doing a photo shoot at a new location is finding all the great light! There's always a surprise of beautiful light in the most unexpected places. I always tell my clients as long as there is sunlight and at least a 4 foot square area, we can get beautiful portraits. And we can create different "looks" anywhere. Go from business to casual in one environment just by finding interesting backdrops and great light. First a neat find in the courtyard, a little area of bamboo and the sunlight just happened to be coming through at the perfect time.  Jennifer, pictured here, was up for anything and willing to kneel down for the perfect portrait. What you can't see is the fact that there is only about a 4 foot area for getting the perfect shot, beside me is a bench, behind me a rock garden and surrounding us are the walls of the building and if she were standing instead of kneeling the light wouldn't have had the same effect. I love the more casual feel to go with the business portraits that follow. You can't tell by looking at this first image that we were in the middle of a corporate building.

LOVE this! Yes, I love all the portraits from Jennifer's session. Another "look" from the same photo shoot. We just moved inside facing huge beautiful glass doors with the lobby in the background. Changed wardrobe for some environmental portraiture resulting in a great contemporary business portrait.

And finally, this was actually one of the very first photos of the day. I love how relaxed, calm and approachable Jennifer is in this image. This was taken sitting in the lobby on one of the chairs with some great side light from the windows.

As long as there is sunlight (since I'm a natural light photographer) I can take great portraits of you. Your place of work, your home, the beach, the park, downtown, anywhere.  I look forward to hearing from you, contact me Jennifer(at) to talk about booking your photo shoot and the perfect location that is most likely very convenient to you and a place you haven't considered.