Feeling Great, Birthday Cake!

Happy Thursday! Hope you're all having a great day. I added a new section to my blog a couple days ago so I can share some things we're (my husband and I) doing to get healthier. Plus blogging about it helps me keep myself accountable and hopefully there will be things you enjoy reading. Today is day 8 and it's getting really fun and easier and easier each day that we make healthy choices. Yesterday was my husband's birthday and we usually have lots of cake and pie for our birthdays. This year we decided to do something a lot different to help us stick with our healthier eating. Lemon Poppy Seed Vegan Pound Cake from The Kind Diet book . It was awesome! It was my husband's choice, not something I made him do :-). These simple food changes are making a huge difference in how we feel. Like in this cake...instead of white flour - use buckwheat and whole wheat flour, instead of white sugar  - use date sugar and maple syrup. It has fresh squeezed lemon juice, almond milk and all kinds of good stuff. Here's some photos of most of the ingredients and the finished result.