Featured: Chef Jeffrey Saad, The Grove, San Francisco. Google's YouTube Initiative

Another episode of 7 Questions in the Kitchen just launched on BermanBraun's YouTube Food Channel Tasted as part of Google's YouTube Initiative.  Today's episode features Chef Jeffrey Saad, Partner and Executive Chef of The Grove Restaurants in San Francisco. Jeffrey is also the host of the Cooking Channel's United Tastes of America. Here are a few portraits I took before we started shooting, followed by a link to his episode on YouTube. I think you'll enjoy this episode and even learn some really neat tricks for the perfect pasta, time-savers in the kitchen and more. This is part of the web series 7 Questions in the Kitchen that I'm directing and producing for BermanBraun about leading chefs and food experts sharing tips and tricks in the kitchen. (Here's the link to last week's episode if you missed it). Also a link to my first blog post about this show and how I ended up here.  Enjoy!

7 Questions in the Kitchen with Jeffrey Saad

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