Family Portraits!

Photographing families is always a blast. Families have tons of energy and are excited to be getting some great pictures for their home. Below are some pictures I took during recent family photo sessions. A sweet little girl and her Mother. The little girl just kept wanting to hug her mom, which led to some really great moments like the one above.

This mother and daughter had so much fun during the shoot. The little girl kept dancing around the room and jumping on everything. The laughing didn't stop.

Husband and Wife who were so thankful to have a great portrait - the only one they've had taken since they were married over 8 years ago. Below is their family portrait. The boys weren't interested in sitting still and I think those are the best photos...when you capture the natural, not posed moments.

I really think kids run the shoot. It's best to just let them lead the way and capture things as they happen. Below is a little boy with his mother and he just wanted to play. You can't see the toy, but in this shot he was concentrating on a toy car while his mother adored him. Toys are a great distraction to get a child involved in a shoot. Just letting them be in their natural environment.

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