Fabric, Flowers and a beautiful Bride to Be, Portrait Photographer

I have been dreaming about a project for a long time and am excited to finally share the start of it. The idea: photograph women where they are in life right now. What they're working on, what they're going through, what they're facing or celebrating are all used for inspiration. I use that inspiration to create a vision for the photo shoot. Then I head out to shop for the perfect fabrics that will become the complete wardrobe and backdrop. For this photo shoot, I worked with Hannah. Hannah is a Bride to Be and is currently planning her own wedding. She also works as a wedding planner. There will be another post soon featuring some really cool business portraits of Hannah for her company Day of Gal. To make this photo shoot complete we had the lovely Jamie Hoover for hair and makeup.

And here we go...

JennKL Photography_588

The dress Hannah is wearing above I created from the fabrics below. Just creatively wrapped and clipped them on using my background clips. When I saw the beautiful mauve flowery fabric I immediately thought "HANNAH!".

JennKL Photography_590

And then I made a trip to the local grocery and bought a few bouquets of fresh flowers and just picked the ones I liked best for our photo shoot and made a bridal bouquet.

JennKL Photography_586

After layering and clipping a few more of the fabrics on...look at the result...

JennKL Photography_585

It's exactly how I imagined...creating the look and feel through the simplicity of pieces of fabric, a few clips and some great light. I think it is so neat that she is not wearing an actual wedding dress but who would know. Well you know now because I told you.

JennKL Photography_583

These bridal portraits are also an example of what I'd like to do with brides who'd like a do-over for their portraits. You deserve to get back in your gown and get the portraits you dreamt about. I don't photograph weddings but I do take bridal portraits.

JennKL Photography_584

Happy Love Day to you all!