Cute, Cute, Cute! KITTENS!!! and Keeping things Simple

I love kittens! Just LOVE them. LOVE! The sweet faces in this post were just a few weeks old at the time I took these pictures. I was home visiting family in Florida and these little darlings were running all over the place. They were completely content playing chase with each other, stopping every once in a while for some milk and then sleeping. So simple. I woke up this morning and was hoping for a simple day with lots of quiet, peaceful moments. I kept thinking what will make this day sweet and simple? KITTENS! Haha! Since I don't have any cats/kittens - the next best thing - Kitten Portraits! Yes, most of the time I focus on photographing people. But ahhhhh kittens! Adorable! They deserve to have their picture taken too.

If you're having a LONNNGGGGG day...just think KITTENS!!!


And be sure to check out this fun video my sister and I shot last year...CUTENESS!!!

I think this first little guy knows one of his litter mates is just behind him about to pounce. You can just barely see the calico coming in from the left...

Ahhhhhhhh...too CUTE!!!

He's just trying to figure things out...

JennKL Photography