Chef J, Google's YouTube Initiative

A few months ago I was hired to produce and direct a few made for web shows for BermanBraun's YouTube Food Channel Tasted (just launched the Tasted channel yesterday! woohoo!) as part of the Google's YouTube Initiative.  Added bonus - I have a few minutes before every shoot to take some publicity portraits of the talent. Off and on for the past 10 years I've been producing television and when I decided to go full time photography I always said I'll go back to producing if the perfect opportunity arises. I think this is the perfect opportunity because I still get to do photography - which I LOVE! And it's fun to produce content that is part of the movement from TV to web. Here's a portrait of Chef J, owner of Pici Enoteca in Beverly Hills. He is featured in our first episode of "7 Questions in the Kitchen" which launched yesterday. Check out the link here or video below.

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