Jeff Galloway 13.1, Half Marathon, Ambassador

I had some fun today taking some portraits in my Jeff Galloway 13.1 t-shirts and medals. The first Jeff Galloway half marathon was in 2014 and I've done the race every year as a virtual participant. As a virtual participant you can sign up for the race and clock it on your own watch/gps/mile tracker and then submit your results. Then you receive your t-shirt and medal in the mail. So that's what I did 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. 

This year I'll be at the race in Atlanta, in person, for year 5! I'm so excited to be an Ambassador for the 2018 Jeff Galloway 13.1. You can use my code: ambassador18 when you sign up ( and you'll get 10% off your race entry. 

I have followed Jeff Galloway's running training since my Dad coached me in track and cross country starting back in the 80's. My Dad still has Jeff's first edition Galloway Book on Running that came out in 1984, and that's the book he used to coach me. I have so many wonderful memories training and running with my Dad. Jeff Galloway has been a big influence on our lives which makes it even more special to get to meet him in person in December at the race. And to be an Ambassador!!! Well, I'm over the moon and around the sunshine excited about it!!! That excited y'all! 

Below are photos of my t-shirts and medals from each year. Follow me on Instagram (@JennKL), I post more there about training and weekly runs. Also, I highly recommend the book I mentioned and linked to above, Galloway Book on Running

JennKL_Jeff Galloway 131 Tshirts and Medals FINAL web.jpg

The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Portraits, New Zealand Tour

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to travel with my husband while he performed with The Thrilling Adventure Hour. The tour was throughout Australia and New Zealand so of course I brought my camera. While we were in New Zealand I was asked to take a few photos of the shows. Here are a few of my favorite portraits of the cast.

(The Thrilling Adventure Hour will be back to NYC this October, read more about it here)

Perspective! What's yours?

Happy Friday! I wanted to share this photo I took when I was on a tough hike and came across this beautiful sure to keep reading after the photo...

The Truth: I was actually on the jetty at Dockweiler Beach, CA and I put my camera near ground level to take the photo and that's a puddle about a foot across, the rocks are about a foot tall.

Can you change your perspective on something that seems huge and it's really just a little ol' thing? Or maybe you have something big to be celebrating and you're minimalizing it? See what happens if you change your perspective.

Have a great weekend!

Rainbows and Relaxation in Maui, Hawaii

I took this photo during my honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii almost 5 years ago. My husband and I plan to go to Maui to celebrate our anniversary later this year. I hope you get a chance to visit Hawaii many times in your life. I can't describe the peaceful feeling you'll experience from the moment you step off the plane. At least in Maui I know this to be true. I hope you're weekend is full of relaxation and that your wishes come true.

"Hang on to where you're going and get there"


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