Online Photography Workshop, Learn Photography

Hey Everybody!

I just sent out DAY 1 of the 20 Days in May FREE Photography Workshop! It went out to anyone signed up for my newsletter. If you want to join the workshop. Sign up here: YAY! JOIN!

The idea is simple...one photography tip per day for 20 days! These ideas will be great to keep in mind when you're out and about taking photos for your social posts, your business blog posts, or for the pure enjoyment of photography. All you need is your cell phone camera! 

Once you're singed up look for daily emails M-F for the next 20 days and then we'll live Q&A on Tuesday May 29th after the workshop finishes!

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Rewarding Day! Teaching Photography to High School students, Yearbook Camp

I just got home from teaching photography at a yearbook camp in Anaheim for middle school and high school students from all over Southern California. It was such a rewarding day! The class was full of students, teachers and yearbook advisors. We started the day with photography basics, how to use your camera, settings, framing, being creative with your choices. Then went out on a photo walk and practiced correct exposure, finding the best light and taking great portraits. When it comes to photography I love taking portraits, of course, but another thing near and dear to me...teaching! I absolutely love teaching photography. So much fun to see faces light up when a new discovery happens or a new skill is learned. Thank you to my dear friend Marlo for these snapshots and for hiring me to come teach for the day.

I love this next photo because you can see my friend Bob on the screen in the background.

I can't wait to teach again!