New Site and New Shop Launching Soon

I am excited to share with you that I just launched a brand new site with the purpose being to have a place to visit for peace of mind. Please visit www.SerenitySerenity.com to read more. I write and share over there on a daily basis...everything from thoughts to creative projects, art and photography. The hope is for it to be an uplifting and inspiring place to visit. 

I recently launched a styled stock photo shop here on my photography website and now that I have the new site I am going to combine everything. I can't wait to launch the new store that will start out with styled stock photos and t-shirts I've designed. It will grow from there.

Here's a peek at the logo for the new online shop. 

Health in the New Year!

One of my goals for this year is to get healthy and take care of myself by eating right and exercising. I have slacked off in this department for years which is hard to admit since I grew up as an athlete - running, track, basketball, dance. I'm even certified in Pilates through BASI and taught for a few years from 2006-2009. I also have a hobby that I love - reading and studying about exercise and nutrition - been studying that for many many years. Now I want to put that knowledge to good use. I have gained 50 unwanted pounds over the past 8 years and now I'm looking forward to getting back to being healthy and lighter. My clothes hide my "extra" well. Anyone else feel heavy, tired, head-achey, achey in general, moody at times, cloudy, overweight, blah physically? I really hope it's not just me after I just wrote that sentence. I have finally decided that this time I'm going to stick with getting healthy and I'm finally making some huge lifestyle changes for the better.  Today is Day 6 of no white sugar, no white flour, no bread, no processed foods, no soda, no sugary drinks, no dairy...the first three days WERE HARD...but now, it feels great and the cravings are going away and the food I've been eating has made a HUGE difference in how I feel...I've only been eating vegetables, fruits, grains, fish and a little bit of chicken. The meatball I had over the past week didn't stay down. That's gross right. Sorry, I don't do well with red meat and I knew it when I ate it.  I'm doing a combo of vegetarian/vegan/with a hint of fish/chicken. After all the years of studying and trying things out it's a combo I've come up with that works well for me and that I enjoy.

I figured if I added a "Health" section to my blog it would help me to stick with it and like I said I enjoy learning lots of things about health and nutrition and I thought you might enjoy it too and find some things useful/helpful. Plus I've been wanting to photograph all the pretty food and meals. So thought this would be fun to have on my blog. My husband has made the decision to get healthy too. We're excited to see where this leads for us.

For starters I wanted to share with you three of my absolute favorite books on nutrition and they're all full of great information, fantastic recipes and healthy ways to fill the meals you love with ingredients that are great for your body.

The Eat-Clean Diet Books -  a healthy eating lifestyle of natural, good-for-you foods

The Kind Diet - vegan education and recipes - LOVE this book - great read, great taste, you'll feel awesome. Also Alicia Silverstone's blog The Kind Life for all the healthy life information you could ask for

Thrive, The Vegan Nutrition Guide - a great book on making sure you get the nutrients you need to have optimum health - another fantastic book

And last but not least, I use the My Net Diary Pro app on my iPhone to track calories, exercise and progress. My husband uses the My Fitness Pal app. We alternate walk/jog days with biking days and are loving it!

Where do you look?

Where do you look during the day? Do you notice things that are right in front of you? Lately I have been trying really hard to focus on being very present in the moment, completely present. I was curious what I might "see" if I started paying close attention to all the things happening around me. Do you ever get to the end of the day and have pockets of time that you don't remember? I thought it might be neat to see what would happen if I focused on what was happening each moment of the day. There is a lot of noise these days, so many things to distract us, so much to look at, to grab our attention away into some mindless tunnel of emptiness, emptiness that has us forgetting moments of our days. Some of my most focused times are when I have my camera in my hands because I am looking closely for moments to freeze in time. One of my favorite things to see this time of year...the leaves. Something so simple.  Here's a photo from a recent trip to the mountains in Georgia.  The sunlight was peaking through the trees and highlighting the leaves on the ground. So much detail, so many beautiful things to see in just 3 square feet on the ground. There's beauty everywhere. I hope you see lots of it today.

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