5 Things for a Happy Day!

Happy Friday! I woke up this morning and thought "what could help me have a happy day?". So I came up with a few things I thought I'd pass along. I do not have a degree in how to live or how to be. So these are purely fun things I thought up. Try them at your own risk OF HAPPINESS! 1) Smile. Right now. For 5 seconds straight. A BIG full smile and then laugh out loud. Now you're probably really yourself or at me. Either way, you're laughing!

2) Grab a paper and pen. Write down a big dream you have.

3) Look at the paper you just wrote your dream on and say to yourself "I can do this!"

4) Go find someone and ask them what their dream is. You help just by asking because they get to say their dream out loud and then it feels even more possible.

5) Hug yourself. Yes, right now. And say to yourself "I'm fantastic". Are you laughing again? Great. This day is happy.

And something pretty...

 Playa Del Rey, Ballona Wetlands, Spring 2013

Even in Paradise...

While out for a walk this morning, I saw the flower below and actually had the thought "is that flower crying?" So I took a photo and figured...

If you ever catch yourself looking around and thinking how "great" it is for someone else, they've made it, they have it all, etc.,...remember nobody has a perfect life. No matter how pretty it looks from the outside. We all have down days here and there. Probably more helpful to look around and think we're all in this together and what can we do to have most days be up days.

A Breath of Fresh Air, Flowers

I have two loves in photography...portraits of people and flowers. Here are some flower photos I took during a trip to Solvang, CA on July 3, 2011. Hope you have a very happy Friday and weekend. While you're out and about try to be aware of everything you see, especially the flowers, I bet it puts a smile on your face.

"Hang on to where you're going and get there"


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