Beautiful, Natural Portraits, A Photography Workshop

Yesterday I taught a photography workshop for one of my clients. My client's husband purchased a photography workshop for her as a birthday gift so she could learn how to use her camera. So Sweet! It's a really great idea for a gift, for anyone, husband, wife, sibling, children. Think about it. I'd love to work with you. Okay, back to the workshop. One of the cool things about my workshops is I always have actual portrait sessions at the end of the workshop so you can practice what you've learned during the day and also see how I run a session. I was so happy to have my sweet friend Ané be the model for yesterday's workshop. She just beams of light, it was such a joy to photograph her. Thank you Ané for being a part of the workshop portrait session. Here are a few of my favorites...


“Hang on to where you’re going and get there”


JennKL Photography


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