Author Portraits: New Children's Book, Pretty Dolls (JennKL Photography)

One of my publicity/author portrait clients just contacted me and let me know that her children's book Pretty Dolls is set to release on November 15th.  I just LOVE seeing a client's dreams come true and hard work pay off. Here is a link to Pretty Dolls, by Kimberly Dana (you can pre order on Amazon). A description of the book...Gracie is the purple-eyed, one-armed, spiky-haired doll who has won the snuggly arms and heart of Tasha. Only Emily-Nicole, the prettiest porcelain doll in Tasha's collection, will have none of it. What Tasha doesn't know is that when the lights go out, the doll wars begin...

I'm so happy for you Kimberly!!!

Some portraits from my session with Kimberly...

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