Executive Business Portraits, Photography for Entrepreneurs

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Nora Ellingwood (VP Operations at UBM plc) and I love the results of our photo shoot. What a fun day we had! Nora is one of the nicest people I’ve had the opportunity to photograph. Her energy, attitude, and smile made the whole photo shoot delightful.

Hair and Makeup: Stephanie Baez, Elwynn and Cass

I love working with females entrepreneurs and business ladies! Contact me and let’s set up your fabulous photo shoot!

Jeff Galloway 13.1, Half Marathon, Ambassador

I had some fun today taking some portraits in my Jeff Galloway 13.1 t-shirts and medals. The first Jeff Galloway half marathon was in 2014 and I've done the race every year as a virtual participant. As a virtual participant you can sign up for the race and clock it on your own watch/gps/mile tracker and then submit your results. Then you receive your t-shirt and medal in the mail. So that's what I did 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. 

This year I'll be at the race in Atlanta, in person, for year 5! I'm so excited to be an Ambassador for the 2018 Jeff Galloway 13.1. You can use my code: ambassador18 when you sign up (www.JeffGalloway131.com) and you'll get 10% off your race entry. 

I have followed Jeff Galloway's running training since my Dad coached me in track and cross country starting back in the 80's. My Dad still has Jeff's first edition Galloway Book on Running that came out in 1984, and that's the book he used to coach me. I have so many wonderful memories training and running with my Dad. Jeff Galloway has been a big influence on our lives which makes it even more special to get to meet him in person in December at the race. And to be an Ambassador!!! Well, I'm over the moon and around the sunshine excited about it!!! That excited y'all! 

Below are photos of my t-shirts and medals from each year. Follow me on Instagram (@JennKL), I post more there about training and weekly runs. Also, I highly recommend the book I mentioned and linked to above, Galloway Book on Running

JennKL_Jeff Galloway 131 Tshirts and Medals FINAL web.jpg

Author Portraits, Kayla Cagan, Piper Perish

I just finished reading Piper Perish, written by Kayla Cagan. And I loved it! Piper Perish is a beautiful story about an artist growing up and following her dreams. Here's a quote about the book "Piper will have readers asking big questions along with her. What is love? What is friendship? What is family? What is home? And who is a person when she’s missing any one of these things?"
I had the opportunity to photograph Kayla, look how great her author portrait looks on her site:

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 1.29.01 PM.png

Be sure to visit Kayla's website (www.KaylaCagan.com) to read more about her and her work. You can also look under "books" on her site and order your copy of Piper Perish. Get busy reading Piper Perish now, because Kayla has the next book in the series coming out this fall. Art Boss is the follow up to Piper Perish and I can't wait to read it!

Her new book Art Boss is also #1 on Amazon's Young Adult Books list right now! Yay! Way to go Kayla!

JennKL Photography_Kayla-198 FINAL.jpg

Cover illustration by Luke Choice: https://www.velvetspectrum.com

Photography for Entrepreneurs, Featuring The PCOS Coach

I recently had a wonderful photo shoot with Jamie Berman, The PCOS Coach, to create marketing photos for her beautiful new website launch. Below are some favorites from our photo shoot. 

Visit Jamie's website (ww.ThePCOSCoach.com) and sign up for her newsletters. She shares a lot of helpful information about living a healthy, balanced, and happy life.

Look how gorgeous her homepage looks (see first image below)! Seriously go check out her website designed by Breezie Castell (www.BreezieCastell.com)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with female entrepreneurs and seeing them go after their dreams!!!

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Episode 3, Interviews with Entrepreneurs, Fine Art Portraits

Today, Episode #3, featuring Ferrell Marshall, owner Spotlight Coaching.  "Spotlight Coaching’s unique presentation training program is designed to ensure that no matter the type of “stage” you are on, you will shine as a speaker!"

I can't wait for you to see today's episode. Ferrell is so lovely to speak with and she shares so many helpful and inspiring ideas during our talk. 

I'm hoping these interviews with female entrepreneurs about their dreams, hopes, goals, success, and business will inspire us all to be empowered to go after our dream life. Enjoy!

After the interview...I create a fine art portrait. Well. Because I love fine art portraits. They're my favorite.

Here's Ferrell's beautiful portrait...

JennKL Photography_Ferrell Portrait option c web.jpg

Leave us questions in the comments and please share with anyone you think would love some inspiration and encouragement to go after their dreams! 

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